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OCT. 7, 2020 WEBINAR
Post-COVID SFDBI and the Real Estate Market


We are currently working with SFDBI to publish the answers to questions asked during the event.


Please send any other questions you may have to us at info@sgdmllc.com!


Since our establishment in 2013, we have been working on retrofitting projects for SF, Oakland, and Bay Area residents.

Accessible Business Entrance

With San Francisco's new ordinance, we are working towards helping business owners reach compliance with the ABE ordinance.

Accessory Dwelling Units

The legalization of in-law units in San Francisco has prompted us to help building owners create more living space out of garages and storage spaces.

Other Services We Offer

In addition to the services mentioned, we are experts at services including home remodeling, renovation projects, and more.

Our Approach

At SGDM, we advocate the use of our design-build service to further help our clients achieve the most efficient and cost-effective approach. Explore our streamlined process when it comes to planning our clients' projects.

Our Team

Click through our team members' biographies and get to know the people who will be helping you throughout your project.

SGDM's Quick & Easy 5-Step Process


Schedule an appointment with our team


Create a structural plan with the engineers


Submit structural plans to obtain a permit from DBI


Begin construction at the job site with our crew managers


Live or work in your new and improved home or store

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